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________________________ # Sarna santhals should write their religion as "Sarna" only and not "Hindu" . # Santhals having same surname should not marry each other. .# Please don't hesitate to speak santhali in public places . .# "Sarna Santhals" and "Christian Santhals" are requested not to hate each other . # Handi , a traditional drink of Santhals , should not be consumed on a regular basis . # Parents are requested to teach their children Santhali language , so that at least they can speak and understand the same. # Aware people living in villages , that "dan" / "jugin" / "dahni" does not exist. # Parents should have the commitment of not marrying off their daughter before the age of 18 . ________________________



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Santhals , live mainly in three states of India , namely Jharkhand , Odisha and West Bengal . Assam and Bihar also having a good population of Santhals.  Besides this , there is also a significant Santhal minority in neighboring Bangladesh, and a small population in Nepal .

Santhals worship  " Marang Buru and Jaaher aayo" , ( GOD ) . They also worship  nature and love the nature .

They celebrate mainly four festivals in a year , Saakraat , Sohrai , Baha and Gomha ( Rojo Sankranti ) .

"Ol-Chiki" , the script , was invented by Pdt. Raghunath Murmu in 1925 for Santhali language.

There are a total of 12 titles ( surnames ) in Santhals . In ancient times , people having specific surname had to do the specific work , but now , at  present , the situation is not like that.

Most of the Santhals  are following "Sarna" religion but a few of them are also  following "Christianity", mainly the Santhals of Assam .  


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